Lower Your Cooling Costs This Summer

Stay Cool While Lowering Your Cooling Costs This Summer

According to EnergyStar, if just one in ten households used EnergyStar certified cooling and heating, it could prevent the equivalent of 1.1 million cars' emissions. But if you're not ready to upgrade your cooling system just yet, there are still ways to lighten the impact during hot summer months:

  1. Replace the air filter. A dirty air filter can decrease the system's efficiency by 2%. Most forced-air systems require filters to be replaced every three months. However, remodeling or doing other projects in the home may require you to replace filters more frequently because of the extra dust that is created.
  2. Install a programmable thermostat. Setting the thermostat between 4-7 degrees higher at night can save you as much as $180 a year. If you're not one to set programs, consider a thermostat that uses smart technology to sense movement, which can save you money when you're not home.
  3. “Summerize” your home. While we're used to winterizing for maximum savings in the winter, the same can be done in the summer. A tighter home not only keeps the cold winter air out, but also keeps cool, conditioned air in! Use a caulk gun to seal up any leaks around windows and doors. Also, according to the EnergyStar site, sealing leaks in air ducts can increase efficiency by 20%!